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Let's create our artistic scene together

In the deep whirlpool of institutionalized art, where monetary value often takes precedence over authenticity, Off-Key Radio boldly emerges as the champion of unrecognized artists. Within the "Off-Key Art" project, this radio channel emphasizes the need for visibility for all artists, regardless of the commercial forces that often dominate the art scene. Our mission is to provide a platform for visual artists outside conventional boundaries, giving them the opportunity for promotion and exhibition of their works. Through virtual exhibitions, digital catalogs, and artistic profiles, Off-Key Radio acts as a mediator between unrecognized artists and the wider audience, creating a bridge to a new wave of the art scene.


Are you writing? We're here to lend a hand and elevate your words to the world. 'Off-Key Quill' represents a brave step in a grand project, driven by the desire to provide visibility to all writers, regardless of the genre. We don't want you to depend on large institutions that often prioritize profit and impose their taste judgments. Join us in creating a new literary scene, where together we carve our own paths in the realm of art.

Radio Falš


Who and What is Off-Key?

In a world increasingly submerged in mainstream and commercialization of art, Off-Key Radio, a true station for unaffirmed and independent artists, remains one of the few voices defying the monopoly of record labels and placing independence on a pedestal. In the pursuit of authenticity, freedom of expression, and artistic sincerity, Off-Key Radio challenges limitations and advocates for the importance of independence in the world of art.

Radio Falš Umjetnici


Unaffirmed artists on the radio. Today, we celebrate off-key vibes resonating across 6 continents!

Radio Falš Travanj 20 2020


Radio Falš ima tek četiri godine! Sve postignuto do sada tek je najava svijetle budućnosti.

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Off-Key Radio has always been a place where musical magic happens, and we couldn't achieve this without the support of our loyal community. Now, you have the opportunity to become part of our independent family by donating to Off-Key Radio. Your support enables us to continue delivering quality musical content and nurturing artistic creativity. Every donation, no matter the size, contributes to preserving independent radio and allows us to build the sound of the future together.

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