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Anika Iris and her musical debut “Alive”

    Just 14 years old, Anika Iris is surprisingly mature singer stepping into the music world with an excellent, musical debutAlive”. Iris comes from Slovakia and has been singing since early childhood. Besides violin, Anika also plays piano and guitar. A self-taught singer, she comes from a musical family with her mother a singer and her father a guitarist and sound technician. She listens to pop, rock, and country.

    Anika Iris

    She composed her first song at 13 expressing the kind of longing most keenly felt by all poetic souls : “I want to live and not just be alive.” That lyric from the song “Alive” is representative of the motifs in her upcoming album gradually developed melding text and melody into beautiful expressions of longing. On “Alive” Anika plays the acoustic guitar and provides the main vocal and all the backup vocals. A collaboration with acclaimed producer Adrián Líška, a gorgeous video on the song was shot in some of the most beautiful nature spots in Slovakia. Anika Iris is currently writing and producing more songs and planning on releasing an album in the near future.


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