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Fragments of the Philosophy book: “God does not exist but will”

    “Who does not create ideas conceives locks.”

    We are very proud to present you fragments of the philosophy book “God does not exist but will“! Book is written by Eloi and Aurea Chad. You may recognize Eloi Chad‘s name as he is also a composer, guitarist and a vocalist of a fantastic brazilian punk rock band called Self Alien Portrait, which is being broadcasted on our radio station for quite some time now. Along that, he is an philosopher, journalist and a lawyer! Aurea Chad is a lawyer as well, and an independent researcher.

    You can imagine how excited we were when we have received email with these fragments of this great philosophy book, from one of already Radio Falš broadcasted artist! Book is written in portuguese language, and so while they are seeking for translation partnerships you can buy it here, in original edition.

    Aurea Chad God does not exist but will
    Aurea Chad

    From the development of the aphorism: “God does not exist but will”, this interdisciplinary philosophical essay is born.  It aims at a fusion between philosophy, science and religions. The idea of critical thinking has been proposed by philosophers since ancient times. Critical thinking, that is, evaluating ideas and arguments according to the reasons and evidence presented, are considered important characteristics for individuals to question what is imposed on them as truth. Discernment is necessary in a relevant life. A reflective start should never be imposing.

    For a good reading of this book, it is fundamental to follow the sequence of chapters, because there is an essential logic. Its apparently imperfect order is not the result of chance, but the objective is to motivate the reader to form his or her own convictions.

    The choices of a mental process of knowledge certainly suffer attempts of influences such as, for example, the genre of literature, the title of the work, absence of conclusion. Conclusion is the end, and the end is death. If there is no creative freedom, only the ordinary, the irrelevant will exist.

    Who does not create ideas conceives locks.

    Eloi Chad God does not exist but will

    According to the legend imagined by man in the Old Testament in Genesis, God created all things every “day”: light and darkness, separation of waters, sky below the clouds, dry land, ocean, vegetables, green herbs, the sun, moon and stars, marking time, days and years marine animals and birds, on the sixth day he created land animals and lastly man and “never rested”. Later, man also architected Artificial Intelligence (AI) and taught it everything it knows.

    Artificial Intelligence came humbly in order to help, to facilitate, to learn, supposedly created with the purpose of reproducing human ability. Will this happen?

    Narration: Porlie Eidolon (an artist and a musician)

    Fragments of the Philosophy book: “God does not exist but will”

    Written by Eloi Chad and Aurea Chad


    Way without return. The offer of salvation.

    Come yourself! Do you want to have a perfect body? A perfect life? To be whoever you want? To be connected all the time? To have thousands or millions of friends? Not feel pain, cold or heat? To be close to those who are far away? Another world on the same planet, planet water without water for all. Nature responds to the betrayal, among others, id of man. Benevolence to connectivity addiction, always. No traffic, no surgery, no blood. The improbable, the disappearance of who was so close! The telephone that lost its function of calling, or the nanny that took care of the child, the intelligent car that does not need a human driver.

    God does not exist but will

    After all, where is Shangri-la? A virtuous, paradisiacal place that shelters the virtual narcissistic avatar. The country, the beach, the small town, the metropolis, megalopolis, or the virtual world? Wherever you are, you will be there, because if you are not, you do not exist. But you will be, even if you don’t know it or want to be. Banks, governments, shopping centers, schools, viruses, hospitals, cultures, books, work, leisure, games, movies, music, concerts, meetings, mismatches, sex, wars, crimes, trials, executions, everything will replace what already exists.

    Sneaky, devastating, implacable, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. The copy is no longer the real; the virtual that is the real: the hypervirtual, the “new” old technological metaphysics of the world. One wonders what is the form of the virtual? What matter is it made of? What is its origin?
    What is its reason for existing?


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