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Početna stranica » Novosti » URGENT SUPPORT FOR THE FIRE-STRICKEN AREAS IN GREECE: A solidarity initiative to the conflagration affected people

URGENT SUPPORT FOR THE FIRE-STRICKEN AREAS IN GREECE: A solidarity initiative to the conflagration affected people

    Urgent Support Greece project created to gather an amount of money via a rock and metal compilation of songs by over 50 bands / artists worldwide (Greece, Japan, Spain, Romania, Serbia, Germany, Iran, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Brazil, Argentina) in purpose the support the affected areas and people by the wildfires in Greece.


    You can watch the promo video below.

    Full tracklist featuring the bands that participated (alphabetical order):

    Above Us The Waves – Rough On High Seas
    Aetherian – Primordial Woods (feat. Sakis Tolis)
    Afformance – Anapaest
    Align In Time – This Is Later
    Amalunga – Birds Over The City
    Amir Hossein Bazhrang – Cross
    Andrι Miranda – Cello Improv
    At The Grove – Night Gloom
    ayfel – Don’t Dream
    Bella Fuzz – Land Of Betrayal
    Black Path – Barren Conflagration
    Calyces – Those Flames Are Dancing Wild
    Christoph Eisinger – Drop
    Chthon – A Legacy Of Filth
    Cj Espiga – The Unexpected Possibility
    Darkfield – Phoenix Down
    Dimos Vryzas – Steamboat Peaceful Ride
    Dreambleed – Drama Queen
    Drones Que Caen – Animal
    Eldingar – Maenads Crave
    Euphrosyne Project – Thorns Above The Skies
    Fires Burn Low – Remembrance
    Forey Between Ocean – Katavasis (The Fall Of Man)
    Golden Hymns Sing ‘Hurrah’ – Jimmy’s Song
    In Inertia – Lost In Thought
    Jason Kiesling – And the Rest Is Rust And Stardust
    Juno – Desire
    Khirki – Raging Bull
    Low Texture – This Light Is Blinding Me
    Mike Bodulow – Near Future Dystopia
    Mind If I Stay – I’m Fine
    New Day Slave – Faceless
    New World Disorder – Insight
    Non Somnia – The End Of The World
    Once Upon A Winter – Lack Of A Greater Possible Memory
    Passengers In Panic – Tsampasin
    People of the Black Circle – The Ghoul And The Seraph (Ghoul’s Song II)
    Petar Alargic – AFLAME
    Psycorepaths – Blessed
    rhubiqs – Goodbye Meteor-Tape, Pt. 2 (remix)
    Sacred Outcry – Crystal Tears
    Secret Gardens – Squall
    Sidus – Seasons Reversed (feat. Kostas Milonas)
    Six Days Of Calm – Breathe
    Sküma – Dead Disco
    Skybinder – Burden
    Sold Out – Madness
    Spineless – I Wake Up
    Tardive Dyskinesia – Echoes 213
    The Abyss Inside Us – Aerialist
    The Dandelion Fields – Resistance And change
    The Voodoo Project – Drunken Diary
    This Darkness Of Mine – Through Ashes
    Thought Trials – The Peg That Held The World Together
    Till Silence Breaks – Dead Fairytales
    Unverkalt – Solitude II

    All income from digital sales will be directly transferred to the Hellenic Red Cross Organization in order to help people who lost their houses and the restoration of the burntland during the wildfires of August 2021.


    Act Now!

    Links for contact with the project:
    Email: [email protected]

    We would like to thank all the artists that joined the project and corresponded asap to ourcalling. We recruited artists and bands that we personally know and were available in 2 days, so we ask from artists and bands that would want to join in, a big excuse.

    We would like to thank all the artists that participated and responded as fast as possible toour call. We gathered artists that we personally know and were available in only 2 days, sowe are apologizing to all the artists that would liked to participate and did not get informedby us.

    We would also like to acknowledge Epitropos Sotirias (Commissioner of Salvation) and Jordan Kiourtsidis (Artizans Of The New Age) who helped us organize and promote the project in order to present it to as many people as possible.


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