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Resolutely Defiant – Here’s Joey Collins

    Joey Collins is part of a rare breed of artists, integrally independent and resolutely defiant. His blend of authenticity and startling honesty is in such demand right now, yet the songwriters that provide it are facing a crisis of extinction. In the past, the Nottingham artist has displayed himself bathed in emotional unrest and consistent turmoil, battling inner demons with wavering success.

    Joey Collins

    Collins is an artist who, had he been placed in the 1990s, might have gathered the demand and fanbase of those that came before him – the likes of Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith – whose uncompromising attitude to songwriting structure and honest lyricism place them in the hearts and minds of lost poets across the country. Yet in the modern day, he stands out as one of a few singer-songwriters that provide a sense of idiosyncrasy in a saturated market of equally striving artists.

    In a world in lockdown, Live, Learn, Die & Forget It All acts both as a statement of fragility and confusion that can be felt by millions across the country, but also as a paean to self-reflection and emotional maturity. Joey Collins is finding his feet again, embracing positivity and the unknown possibilities of the future. Where he chooses to go next will be an intriguing prospect indeed. – Ben Stranding (The Mic Magazine)


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