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Summer song “Bailar y cantar” by Ukitas

    The girls duo Ukitas is celebrating the first summer day with their new “Bailar y cantar” (“dance and sing“) pop&latino single. With this Spanish-English single, sexy duo singers Nikola Benedikovicova and Terezia Gregusova are creating true holiday vibes in Slovakia this summer season. Domi Stoff from King Shaolin is behind the production of the single, RITA studio produced.


    Choreography to the energetic video clip was prepared by Kuba dancers, of a small group byRamos Studio, connected through latino dance and positive vibes. This ukulele driven effort by Ukitas stands out from other similarly themed summer singles. We hope you find it as shiny as we do and that it finds a place on your playlist.

    Music composers of the song are Dominik Štofko and Nikola Benedikovičová, while lyrics are work of Michal Neffe.


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