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Početna stranica » Novosti » Bendita Tú releases their first EP “De Sufrir”

Bendita Tú releases their first EP “De Sufrir”

    BENDITA TÚ releases their first EP ‘De Sufrir’ on the veteran label Wild Punk Records. A 5 track debut EP that tells first world problems with a personal look. “De Sufrir” is catching up with your best friend; a conversation that makes you feel that there are more people like you, with the same absurd worries, the so easily falling in love and impossible to reach high expectations.

    Bendita Tú De Sufrir

    These songs are surrounded by bittersweet memories, decisions in favour of self esteem and revenge wishes. Resacas, Niños Luchando, Jojo, 99 días Granada – Madrid; we can listen in these songs the noise of the railway of a train that seems to never arrive to its destination, the immense silence of that message that never arrives, the clapping of sunset and the constant headache of a Sunday.

    They speak about never wanting to come across on the street with this person you never seem to get out of your head, of infinite days with your face stuck in the computer screen, running away for love and heartbreak.


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