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EL NIÑO GARBANZO presents their second single

    It’s been a year since EL NIÑO GARBANZO presented their first single Cada Día’. We’ve lived tough times. We’ve lost family, friends, suffered confinements… but this band of lively Granadians, the same as their countryman D. Enrique Morente, have never stopped seeking for their longed for Star.

    EL NIÑO GARBANZO have trusted Ale Mendez (Lori Meyers) for the production of this single, so this is a promising trip. This great musician has been able to impregnate the single with a good amount of details, nuances and melodies from another planet. The band shows a clear improvement in the musical quality of their songs. It is not to forget the essential technical work of Elena González at Producciones Peligrosas Studio. Well known fellow Granadian musician Popi González is on backing vocals.


    This work is one more piece in the puzzle of important collaborations with famous members of the Indie scene of Granada, that will lead to half a dozen of musical pieces under the care of well known executive producers such as Migue Haro (Niños Mutantes, Mama Baker), Julián Méndez (Checopolaco), Florent Muñoz (Los Planetas, Los Pilotos), Manu Ferrón (Grupo de Expertos Solynieve), the collaboration of Popi González (Los Ángeles, Lapido) and the recording engineering of Jose A. Sánchez, Carlos Díaz or Jaime Beltrán.

    Under the premise of “Less is More”, EL NIÑO GARBANZO consolidates a trip to their own songwriting, keeping a promise to entertain the audience, from humility, love to music and brotherhood. Today, we receive with joy ‘Virgen de la Estrella’ as the new hit by EL NIÑO GARBANZO.


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