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One Man Band Killer – John Schooley

    Voodoo Rhythm Records is uploading their older products from the Label to Bandcamp for everyone to listen. We are introducing The One Man Band Killer: John Schooley

    John Schooley from Austin Texas is one of our favourites! He is the driving force behind the Hard Feelings (Sympathy for the Record Industry, Dropkick) and the legendary Revelators (Crypt records) and then comes around with his One Man Band! He is the Blues Trash Man of the new century, plays all instruments at the same time, Kick Snare, Hi Hat, Harp, Guitar and Sings.

    in 2004 Voodoo Rhythm Released a 4 song vinyl single ‘Drive You Faster’ (a couple years before he released a 7“ on fantastic Goner Records).

    Don’t be scared, it’s not only one song he plays over and over again .. It’s a fantastic view on the work and music of John Schooley, Definitely inspired by old school Blues such as Elmore James or Robert Johnson; but Schooley uses all the new part of blues and minimal Blues Trash as well in his songs… So it’s a frenetic wild mix of music from Hasil Adkins over to the White Stripes to Joe Hill Louis over the The Oblivians.

    Cover art is by the one and only Grammy winning Rob Jones (White Stripes) and believe me, this boy has the Blues pretty bad and he’s pissed off about it, and pissed off about almost everything as well… He is playing raw and wild at the edge of  Rock ’n’ Roll and Blues Trash!


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