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Thom Artway – All I Know

    Super-talented Thom Artway could be a modern day hero from a fairy tale about a poor boy who owed his fame to good fortune. Young musician is releasing a new music video, Chasing The Wires, supporting the release of his new album ‘All I Know’ on June 14, 2019 at Warner Music.

    Thom Artway All I Know

    The music video Chasing The Wires was made in cooperation with YouTube for the release of the YouTube Music app in the Czech Republic. “The album All I Know started to be formed on Sumatra in Indonesia, where I travelled in 2017. Twenty days on the almost deserted island of Sikandang inspired me to create the first song of this album”, Thom Artway comments on the creative process. This song is part of his second record All I Know, due to release on June 14, 2019.

    So far, three singles have been released from the forthcoming album. Thom Artway‘s first international release was the single, All I Know, which was shared by CelebMix, Indie Band Guru and Music Match among others. The second single, Sleeping Next to You, was filmed at YouTube Space in London. Its premiere was on the website of the legendary Clash magazine and further shared by acclaimed online media such as Talk about music, Imperfect fifth, etc. The video for the third single, Can’t Wait, was filmed in Italy, with the main location on the coast of Cinque Terre, the Italian Riviera. It got its presence in music magazines such as Music-News, Graffiti Vibes, Skope magazine and many others.

    Thom Artway All I Know

    Thom Artway is a talented singer belonging to that generation of songwriters who, with a guitar in their hand, grow up in the streets of the big cities around the world. Throughout 2018 until now, the young musician has toured all over Europe.

    He made his debut at the last year’s European showcase festivals such as The Alternativa Great Escape festival in UK, Waves Vienna in Austria, MaMA festival in Paris, BUSH festival in Budapest and a few more. He also performed at one of the largest festivals in Europe, Sziget 2018. In December of 2018, Thom Artway had his first tour in UK, performing at some of the finest independent venues, including his first London gig at the iconic Troubadour. This year was opened up by the show at the legendary showcase festival in Netherlands, Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019 followed up by another tour in UK, including the festival Hit The North in Newcastle.

    Thom Artway All I Know

    Thom Artway perfectly combines a modern sound with classic song writing. His folk- pop songs are captivating thanks to his distinctive voice and clearly recognizable melodies. Hardly anybody knew him at home in the Czech Republic until 2015, when his single I Have No Inspiration became an immediate hit staying near the top position of the Czech Hit Parade for over a year. Soon after, other successful songs Blind Man and Conformity came, followed by Thom Artway’s debut album Hedgehog, released at Warner Music (2016). This record won 2 prestigious domestic Angel Awards several months later in the Male Singer and the Discovery of the Year categories.

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